Take risks.

Hustle hard.

Go to therapy.

Startups are a mental game. Get the mindset you need to win with therapy designed for startup founders.

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Your greatest asset is your own mind. When was the last time you optimized it?

Underneath the surface of our thoughts is a mental operating system that manages every decision we make and every conversation we have.

Many founders still run version one of this operating system.

I'm ready for an upgrade

Founder Corner is your space to explore how your mind works


We pair you with a top therapist specialized in ambitious founders.


Explore the subconscious thoughts and feelings that influence your decisions and ability to achieve your dreams.


Therapy is one of the few places a founder can be intellectually honest with themselves - without the fear of what your investors, employees, and family will think.


The proactive therapy we offer helps you find your strengths, harness the insights of your emotions, ask the right questions, and unlock your potential.

Founder Corner is not for everybody

If you want a quick fix or an easy answer, we recommend looking elsewhere.
If you know you made it this far because of your curiosity and determination and aren’t going to stop now, we are here for you.
Therapy takes time. You must put in the work to see the results. That is why we require founders to commit to one weekly 50-minute therapy session.

They will be the most impactful 50 minutes on your calendar.
Founder Corner is best for startup founders who are:
Currently trying to grind, move fast, and build something new
Willing to invest in their long-term growth

This is the start of a journey

You are about to grow in ways that you never imagined, and unlock new capabilities you did not  know you have.

Each weekly 50-minute session is $300. We don’t believe in anything that can hold you back, including contracts or lock -ins. We just ask for your honest commitment to the long-term process of therapy.

Questions? We’re a click away: human@foundercorner.com

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