Every rising star needs their A-team behind them

Founder Corner is a company made by startup founders for startup founders.

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Founders are athletes of the mind.

In every other high-pressure field, each talented individual is supported by a whole team in their corner.

Athletes have their trainers to teach them how their body works. Musicians have their vocalists to teach them how their voice works.

But until now, founders were alone without a guide to teach them how their mind works.

Founder Corner exists to bring every founder the mental clarity, insight, and peak performance they need to achieve their best life.

We believe a founder’s subconscious mental operating system can either supercharge everything a founder does or hold them back.

My letter to you

Hi, I’m Gaurav, the founder of Founder Corner.

When I look back at my experiences as an early employee at Instacart and then a YC founder who raised from top VCs, I’m alarmed by the ways founders are treated.

We are athletes with big ambitions who need training and support, but instead, we are often treated like horses at a race track for others to bet on.

I’ve felt like that horse, especially when I sat in an empty warehouse, liquidating everything I could from the company I was closing.

In those dark moments feeling like a failure, therapy saved my life. But as I rebuilt myself, I realized that therapy was much more than a reactive tool to get you back on track.

Therapy is the process by which you unlock the best version of yourself.

I now emerge from my weekly therapy sessions stronger, braver, more focused, and ready to perform at my peak.

After I closed my first company, I offered founders in the YC community who were closing their businesses a month of free therapy. Nobody should have to go through that experience alone.

Many in the community joined me in the offer, and the founders who benefited told me how therapy at that moment changed their life.

It didn’t just help them get back up - it helped them get back up and for the first time have the mindset they need to win.

Every founder deserves that experience.

So, I started Founder Corner - the only mental health community focused exclusively on helping high-functioning startup founders unlock everything they are capable of.

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