Change the world by enabling conscious leaders

Therapists like you have the power to transform not just individuals, but all the people and society around them.

Founder Corner brings the power of therapy to people with incredible influence: the startup founders building tomorrow’s world.

Imagine if the Jeff Bezoss and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world built their companies while digging deep into their own selves with your guidance as a clinician.

Imagine how their companies would be different, and how those differences would ripple out to everyone their companies touch.

Startup founders live in a world of investor pressures and competition, and too often, founders lose touch with the values and relationships that make us human. That's where you can make an impact.

If you are an experienced, licensed therapist who can hold space for grand ambitions, we invite you to join us in changing the world by developing one mindful, aware, and influential leader at a time.

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We are serious about who we work with and how we support them.

Founder Corner goes the extra mile to bring the best therapists together and give them the ability to impact society. We center the needs of clinicians in all we do.

Our therapists feel empowered

We help build on your alliance with the client and unleash the changes you can make possible as a clinician. We bring you the most motivated clients who are committed to their long-term growth. We vet each client, prepare them for their therapeutic journey, and give them support to dig deep and keep going, even when therapy gets hard.

Our therapists feel valued

We are committed to showing the startup world the value of therapy and reversing the trends of other companies racing to pay therapists less or replace them with unlicensed coaches. We offer high rates per session that are well above the industry average for out-of-pocket clients.

Our therapists feel free

Founder Corner is designed to augment your current caseload. We offer flexibility to choose your own clients. You get to set your schedule, choose how many clients you take on, and which ones you work with. You decide what works best for you.

Join the first mental health community dedicated to builders of the new world

When you join with Founder Corner, you join a peer community of leading therapists.

Not only will you see highly-motivated clients of your choosing, but you’ll also get the opportunity to learn and grow with some of the most experienced clinicians.

We partner with therapists who know how to:

  • Hold space for the grand ambitions of their clients.

  • Support high-functioning, determined people with a strong sense of self.

  • Engage a spectrum of clients, from the most eager to the most skeptical.

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